Monday, August 17, 2009

Tyler on Church

We have been going to this church and they showed us a video of what our new church was going to look like. It was cool looking. They had a kids play area with a gym and everything. I told my Mom she should at least give $100 which is a whole lot of money so we can get that church. She didn't answer me, but she said I coudl give some of my money too. No way Jose'!

Well we went to the new church a couple weeks ago and it didn't look like that video. I didn't see any fun stuff for kids and I'm mad. I told my mom they lied. She laughed at me and said they didn't lie, they just haven't completed all the phases or remodeling. I don't know what that means, but I think they lied.

She told me we were goign to start visiting new churches. Yesterday we went to a new church. I asked her if we could just do this every other week b/c I think we don't have to go to church every Sunday. She told me she wanted us to go every week and I should be lucky b/c when she was a little girl, she had to go to Sunday school and church and midweek everyweek even when she was sick.

There's no way I'm gonna do that. The more I think about it, the more I don't know why we need to go anyway. I have a lot of kids bibles and I can just stay home and read that. I don't know why she won't go for it though?


  1. From Ryann(mzinspiredmind's lil girl): Hi Tyler. I'm at work with my mom today. At her work, she has a swimming pool, rock climbing, ping pong tables, racquetball courts, and a basketball court. Maybe one day, my mom and your mom will agree to let you come visit. Bye.

  2. Tyler! Church is very important. You learn a lot of things there that will get you far in life. One day, you'll really be glad your Mom made you go...and you might even find some pretty girls there!

  3. Tyler - I hope you get to go see the church when they're finished. I really don't want you to think that they lied to you.

    Hopefully you and your mom can find a church that has a lot of activities for kids. When I was little I loved going to church.