Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Real Live Game

You guys are not going to believe this! My mom told me all week that she had a suprise for me on Saturday night. I thought we were going to the Game Stop and buy new games or maybe Borders to get a new book. I even wanted to go to the library, but she said none of that was it.

She told me to get dressed and she put my Panther's jersey out for me, but she still wouldn't tell me where we were going. We got in the car and we were driving a long way and everytime I asked her, she wouldn't tell me and I was getting mad at her. "Just tell me already!"

I started seeing all these people with Panthers shirts on and then it hit me! We were goign to a game? A real game? With popcorn and nachos?

We parked the car and then we had some food. I ate a whole hamburger and some of my mom's wings. I was ready for the game. She gave me $5 and told me I could buy what I want, but I was stuffed.

The game was so much fun. We were sitting up so high and I think my mom was getting sick. The Panthers were playing against the Ravens. I had so much fun screaming at them. I told them they were losers! My mom let me scream at them and she didn't tell me to be quiet.

You guys want to know a secret? We were looking at the book with the players on it adn she showed me Steve Smith b/c that's who is on my jersey. He seems cool! But then my mom told me she thought this other player was cute. I laughed so hard at her and told her that she has a crush and I'm gonna tell him.

I didn't really think about it that I may never see him to tell him. So if y'all see him, tell him my mom thinks he is cute... His number is #30!


  1. Awww I'm so glad you had fun at your first NFL game Tyler!!

  2. Tyler,

    Congrats on your first NFL game experience! You have witnessed something at age 7 that some adults NEVER have the opportunity to view. I want you to remember that you are SO blessed to have a mother that will move heaven and earth to see you smile.

    Be good in school this week--when are we going to BK again?

  3. sounds like you had fun, Tyler!

  4. Glad to see you had a blast at the game. Seems like you have a pretty cool mom. Hang on to her ;)

  5. What's up lil T! Glad u enjoyed yourself man. Hope it's the first of many games for you.

    If you haven't already make sure you save an extra kiss for your mom and take time out to let her know you appreciate her!

    Be easy

  6. Tyler - I'm so glad you had fun at the game. I went to a football game Saturday night too. I yell a lot during the games too - it's a lot of fun.

    Hopefully you'll get to go to more games. Oh and I'll be sure to tell #30 to call your mom if I see him.

  7. That sounds like so much fun, especially getting to yell and scream freely.